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From the decks of the Schooner Summertime.


Summertime Maine Windjammer Cruises
Photo by Benjamin Mendlowitz


The lines of the Summertime are that of the New England pinky schooner, well known for its seagoing qualities and its ability to weather storms. The pinky, which originated in Europe in the 1600's, receives its name from its uplifted or “pinked” stern. The pink-sterned hull with schooner rig appears to have been used in the New England fishing fleet prior to the Revolution. These sea-worthy vessels became popular for mackerel fishing after the invention of the mackerel jig.

The stability of the pinky design is featured in the following tribute taken from The Fisherman's Memorial, an 1873 Glouster, Massachusetts, publication:

These little vessels from their extreme buoyancy and offering so little resistance to the power of ocean waves, would make comparatively good weather at times when larger ships would be laboring, plunging, and straining every plank and timber to its utmost capacity of endurance. They would mount almost on even keel upon the crest of the highest seas and settle into the hollows with the ease and grace of a wild duck.

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