Keeping the Tradition Alive Maine Windjammer Cruises


Historic Schooner Fleet Sailing from Camden, Maine.

You’ll be sailing in some of the world’s most beautiful cruising grounds….

aboard ships that were built to sail them!

We invite you to explore each of our vessels and their schedules to find your perfect getaway.

The Schooners

Welcome aboard our Historic National Landmark schooners Grace Bailey, Mercantile, Schooner Mistress & our newest addition - Swift. 

Grace Bailey

Sail the beautiful flagship Grace Bailey for unmatched, authentic windjamming. Unquestionably the finest example of a 19th-century coaster afloat today, she is listed as a National Landmark.


The well-loved Mercantile is a joy to behold and is often referred to as the "Prettiest coaster on the Bay." This vessel was built and operated for almost her entire career in this area.


The Mistress is a blend of a traditional schooner and private yacht. Built on Deer Isle, Maine, on the same lines as the old coastal schooners, but with modern accommodations.

Just for Fun

 Explore Maine Windjammer Cruises and the beauty of sailing on the Maine Coast through photographs, art and videos. Brush up on your sailing terms or send a postcard to a friend!