Here at Maine windjammer Cruises we have great hopes for a busy 2021 sailing season.  Mass vaccination programs are well under way here,  as they are across the entire country.  As more and more of the population receives protection from the virus the infection rates will decline.  As downward trends continue and the general public continues to engage in safe practices,  we are confident that the powers that be will begin lifting current restrictions,  as it is safe to do so.  With this encouraging news in mind, we are gearing up for an active summer season. 

Spring  Fit-Out is only six weeks away and slowly, work on the schooners is already beginning under the covers.  Capt. Ray is actively interviewing and hiring crew for the upcoming season and haul out for the Grace Bailey and Mercantile is scheduled for early May.  By then the covers will be off for the trip to the rail yard where final inspection will be done and any work that is required below the water line will be completed.  It seems unreal that the sun will finally shine on our schooner's decks for the first time since October of 2019! 

We're doing our best to be ready to welcome guests by Shake Down on May 21st. We are reviewing shipboard procedures to comply with all  enhanced  sanitation and safety mandates brought about by COVID. We're wearing our masks, practicing safe distancing and getting vaccinated as it becomes available. We hope you are all taking the necessary precautions and following safe practices in your own states so that when the time is right we can welcome as many of you as possible aboard for 2021!

Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns about your cruise.  800-736-7981

Current Covid Travel Restrictions for Maine 2/3/2021

Maine is requiring all individuals, residents and visitors alike, to self-quarantine for 10 days upon arrival, unless able to sign a document stating that they have received negative test results within the previous 72 hours. (This compliance form will be required upon check-in at any lodging—hotel, campground, Airbnb, or otherwise—and visitors can be asked to show proof of negative test results.) This applies even to Maine residents, for travel as short as day trips, and to international travelers. The only exceptions to the quarantine and test mandate are for those under 18 who are traveling with an adult who has a negative COVID test; or travelers from New Hampshire and Vermont.