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A Maine Windjammer Cruise 

Through the Eyes of Our Passengers

Third Sail -- Third-Time Charm 

Before I try to recount some highlights of this cruise, let me note that this was our 3rd with Capt. Ray aboard Miss Bailey.  The first, great weather and wind and music; the second, foggy, soggy, and not good for racing, BUT what a photographic delight; and this, the 3rd, perfect wind and weather was as the first with different harbors and sailing grounds. Trust me, if you got any salt water in your veins or need an "ocean fix", here's your perfect adventure!

Arriving in Camden on Sunday afternoon, the streets were all a scurry with folks dodging into doorways and finding space under canopies to escape the downpour.  Long before sailing, the sun warmed and dried up everything including our spirits.  We never saw a another drop except the last morning while cruising back to port. 

Ports of call included a quaint, rather sleepy place called North Haven which made for beautiful hour's stroll; Belfast, a seemingly overlooked place rivaling Camden with its unique shops, signage, and overall laid-back feel; Warren State Park where Maine's island beauty simply is; and Stonington, a must-see town with its bookstore, art gallery, various craft shops and eateries.  And then the "Wooden Boat Sail In" wherein most all the Maine windjammers anchored for a steel drum band fest and mussel chow-down ashore gratis of the Windjammer Association.  Both aboard and when on shore, I almost never had my camera out-of-hand.  I'm including a few photos here of the 900+ with which I returned home.


Maine Windjammer Cruises Schoonr Mistress

I'd be amiss without noting that Capt. Ray always snags a great eager-to-please crew and attracts passengers who become friends immediately.    -   Fair Winds, Don (Zoot) Pizzuto    

Maine Windjammer Cruises Sunset Shadow                                  Maine Windjammer Cruises Sunset From Schooner


A Maine Windjammer Cruises Wedding

Just wanted to thank you and Captain Ray and Captain Steve again so much for the amazing wedding ceremony and sail this past September. It was for sure the best experience of my life , sailing on the Mercantile.   -   Deb Webb

Maine Windjammer Cruises Schooner Mercantile Bow                      Maine Windjammer Cruises Wedding Couple


      Maine Windjammer Cruises Island Fog                               Maine Windjammer Cruises Schooner Mercantile in Fog


Schooner Grace Bailey Calm Waters

                            Schooner Grace Bailey from the yawl boat going to Lobster Bake