What It's Like


A Maine Windjammer Cruise is a refreshing escape from the pressures of our modern world. Nature's winds and tides determine your day's events. Enjoy the serenity and camaraderie of a simpler time. We sail with no inboard power, as they did a hundred years ago, with wind and canvas still providing this unique way to travel.

We can show you images of our Windjammers & the amazing scenery; we can tell you about the great food & wonderful shipmates .......... And Then There's the Magic!

The Music of the Wind

The cold mist of salt blowing in your face, the beautiful

ocean, the waves dancing in the wind. the great ships

of wood that sail these oceans. The beautiful

architecture of the great ships.  They seem to have their

own personality, an attitude, a look to them that

hypnotizes anybody that sets their eyes upon it.  The

large, flapping sails,  the song of water parting a the

bow, the whistle of the wind.  The sounds create

music.  The music, the art, of sailing. 

The music of the wind.