Lobster Bake

No Maine Windjammer Cruise is Complete Without our

Famous Lobster Feast!


Lobster Bake

Our traditional New England Lobster Bake, cooked over a driftwood fire on a deserted island, is a highlight on our four & five-day cruises - Steamed Lobsters, Corn, Hot Dogs, Cheeses, Salads and Vegetable buffet...all topped off with roasted marshmallows and S'mores!

Maine Windjammer Cruises Lobster Bake

Surf & Turf BBQ

Plenty of steamed lobster and steak cooked just the way you like them! Weekend & three-day cruises enyoy our Surf & Turf Bar-B-Q onboard your schooner. 

Maine Lobsters on deck Schooner Grace Bailey

The Captain's BBQ

This festive meal is usually on the last night of your 5-Day cruise. The grill is hot and there is a feast of steak, chicken, ribs and an assortment of vegetarian dishes.  Of course there is always a mouthwatering desert fresh from the galley stove.

Captain Ray cooking steaks Schooner Grace Bailey