Windjammer accommodations are rustic by cruise ship standards. The warm glow of varnished wood and unique features of each cabin offer an atmosphere of comfort far different from a luxury liner.

The cargo holds of our coastal traders have been handsomely divided into private compartments. Most are double occupancy, and all have a window or porthole, standing headroom and nearby head. Cabins for two have either a double bed or two single beds. There are a limited number of private single cabins available for a daily surcharge.

Each vessel is unique, and the interiors vary somewhat, but they are all finished with rich varnish throughout. Mostly pine and oak, their interiors display exceptional craftsmanship.

The galleys are large rooms with heavy wooden tables sculpted to fit the space and surrounding comfortable settees that invite you to linger. The galley is your dining room, living room, and family room - a welcoming place to eat, read, play cards, or just relax.



The Mercantile has fourteen double cabins with either a double bed or two twin beds, and there is one private single cabin. All have full standing headroom and a window or porthole for light and ventilation. There are three heads in passenger areas and a hot, fresh water shower below decks. (Ship Layout)


The Mistress has three double cabins, two with a double bed and one with two single bunks. Each has its own head, sink, and private companionway from the deck. (Ship Layout)