Dr. Stephen Hadik 1938

In December we received a wonderful email from the son of an "Old Salt". Steve Hadik sent us comments and images from a trip made by his father more than 60 years ago. The cruise was on the "Lydia Webster" in 1938.


Schooner Lydia Webster being prepared for sailing with passengers. (Image courtesy of Penobscot Marine Museum)

Frank Swift chartered the Webster to carry passengers for Maine Windjammer Cruises in 1937, and she remained part of our fleet through 1943. I believe this is the oldest "Trip Log" we've ever received from a passenger!


"Your website was helpful to confirm some details about an old family story from Norwalk, CT. My father, Dr. Stephen Hadik together with his friend and partner Dr. Stephen Olean, just fresh out of Georgetown Dental School, made their way up to Maine in 1938 for a sail aboard one of Capt. Frank Swift's windjammers. Somehow, my sister was able to track down names and places to caption these old photos. Thought you would enjoy seeing them. Fair Winds and Happy Holidays."

We hope you all enjoy Dr. Hadik's pictures and the family remembrances as much as we did!

"This old family adventure story was standard fare around the dinner table whenever the two Doc's got together.

Captain Gott and Stephen Hadik (Image courtesy of Steve Hadik)
Cook, Eldridge ( Mate) and Captain Ralph Gott. Schooner Lydia Webster. Part of Capt. Frank Swift's Camden fleet. Pretty sure that's my dad laying on the cot. (Image courtesy of Steve Hadik)
Miss Eileen Hughes ( ?) , Capt. Ralph Gott, Dr. Stephen Hadik aboard schooner Lydia Webster, Maine 1938 (Image courtesy of Steve Hadik)
Dr. Stephen Olean . Schooner Lydia Webster, Maine 1938. Must be a Sunday wearing that neck tie! (Image courtesy of Steve Hadik)
Miss Eileen Hughes (standing) and fellow passengers. They don't look too shy..! (Image courtesy of Steve Hadik)
Schooner Lydia Webster. At anchor, Dark Harbor, Maine. Looks like a few brave souls in for a chilly swim! (Image courtesy of Steve Hadik)
Dr. Stephen Hadik standing on bow sprit of Schooner Lydia Webster. Summer 1938 (Image courtesy of Steve Hadik)

I eventually got the bug and have spent over 30 years and counting in a wide range of yacht/ship building and restoration between Connecticut, Rhode Island, Savannah and now Maine. Early on, I made the trip with one of Gamage's earliest SeaMesters in 1978, followed by a season as ship's carpenter aboard Pride of Baltimore (I) in 1982. Our daughter Becca ran with Pride II up to Halifax this summer. So, on we go...



The moral of this story? Well, actually there are two.

The First: An adventure onboard our schooners lives on not only in the mind of the "Old Salt", but also inspires those who hear of your adventures.

The Second: It's never too late to send us your stories and images.

Share your memorable times with other passengers and those who are thinking about taking a cruise. You can post them on our Facebook Page,and we'll also add them to our trip log page or you can just send them to sail@mainewindjammercruises.com and we'll get them posted on our website and on Facebook for you! Questions? - Just give us a call! 800-736-7981