Trip Logs

  • 06/2013

    June 19th passengers on the Grace Bailey were greeted on their return by the newest member of the Maine Windjammer Cruises Family. She charmed them all!

    June 19th Schooner Mercantile - Klei Family Cruise. Celebrating birthdays and graduations the family gathered with high expectations and left exceeding them

    Captain Ray and the passengers on board the Grace Bailey's first cruise of th season enjoyed sunny skies and fair winds!

    June 12th passenger Ann Ryan sent along her images to share. Three of them are of our first swimmers of the season,

    Sending you some photos (Zach & the Lobsters is priceless). Here are Some photos. The pictures and names say it all.

    Near perfect weather, outstanding food and great company! Here are some images shared by our passengers

  • 01/2013

    I recently sailed on the Windjammer, Grace Bailey, a four day sail around Penobscot Bay.. one of the best experiences of my life. Maine Windjammer Cruises, that runs three of these magnificent and historic ladies, knows how to provide a great adventure, w