Our current website was created so long ago that it has almost as much history as Maine Windjammer Cruises itself! In 1988 a cruise on the Grace Bailey, Mercantile or Mistress was an amazing experience but after Capt. Ray & Ann restored them, their refreshed lines, varnished cabin tops, private cabins, additional "heads", hot showers and spacious galleys made it just that much better. Well it's time for our website to undergo a similar rebuild! We're improving the best and completely renovating the rest.


All the history and information you have come to depend on.
Easier site navigation.
Bright sharp images and videos that tell our story.
More in-depth information about individual cruises.
New streamlined systems for reservations and requesting information.
Timely updates to keep you informed about happenings here at MWC.

We believe in the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words". Who is better qualified to help us show others what our cruises are like than you, our "Old Salts". The images you captured to remind you of your time aboard can help us tell the story of what a Maine Windjammer Cruise is like. We invite you to share your cruise with visitors to our new site as they ask the question, "What can I expect on my cruise?"

Please be a part of making our new web site shine by sharing your images and videos that will show visitors how unique and amazing it is to take a Maine Windjammer Cruise!

Any image or video that you feel shows the joy of sailing on our schooners in one of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world with some of the nicest people you could hope to meet!

Here are some ideas.

SHIPBOARD ACTIVITIES - Raising and furling the sails, taking a turn at the wheel, a row in the peapod, swimming, lounging on the deck, music being played - the possibilities are endless!
SUNSETS & SUNRISES - Each one is spectacular and individual!
FOOD - That great spread that the galley crew set out for you.
LOBSTER BAKES - Good times, good food and great scenery!
CELEBRATIONS - Did you celebrate a birthday or anniversary or even get married onboard?
ARTISTIC SHOTS - Small details, lighting effects - these beautiful old schooners offer any number of options. How do you choose!
SCENERY - Those wonderful spruce clad islands and lighthouses galore.
VIDEOS _ Kade Colen's video
WILDLIFE - Ospreys, Eagles, Seals, Porpoise and more.
MISCELLANEOUS - Any great images that don't seem to fit in the above categories, but are definitely noteworthy!

Prizes will be awarded for our two favorites in each category!

You may send your images by email to and "web Photos" in the subject line. Be sure to include your name and contact information. We welcome your images at any time, but for this project, the deadline for submitting images is December 10, 2014.

We look forward to receiving your emails!