PLEDGE TO SAIL 2020 - 2021


Dear Friends,

We hope you are safe and healthy in this time of uncertainty.  As we enter our 85th  sailing season and our 35th year as owners, all of us here at Maine Windjammer Cruises are well.  Twice the start of the season has had to be move back and now July 1st  is the earliest we can sail. Shakedown cruise should have happened today!  It’s perfect sailing weather.


In the early years we faced great challenges restoring our historic schooners and preserving the unique way of life they represent. What got us through those tough years was the support of our passengers who believed in us and what we were doing. When people wanted to help we told them to make a reservation and they did. Deposits helped fund the work necessary for us to take them sailing.

Today we hesitate to make that request because the ability to fulfill such an agreement is not in our hands. Still at this point, visitors to Maine need to quarantine for two weeks. Until this changes we have to expect that 90% of our customers will have a hard time meeting this requirement.  With this tenuous situation we are reluctant to take reservations for fear that we will have to cancel. The last thing we want is to owe you money at the end of the season.

Now more than ever we need the support of our loyal passengers. This COVID-19 pandemic is literally threatening the future of our vessels.  To bolster us through this difficult time, we are asking for a show of enthusiasm for our schooners and your next windjammer cruise.

We are asking you to consider a fifty dollar deposit with a pledge to come sailing when you can. We remain optimistic and hopeful that this situation will pass quickly, but in the meantime our historic schooners must be maintained and readied for sailing.  Knowing you’ll be back will go a long way towards insuring the continued  success and operation of these noble vessels.

Please show your support by making a tentative pledge to sail during the 2020 or 2021 season. Your pledge can be made by email at  SAIL@MAINEWINDJAMMERCRUISES.COM or by  calling us at 800-736-7981.

In appreciation for your support we will send a  copy of “Keeping the Tradition Alive” to anyone who responds to this appeal. As you explore the history of our fleet from the cargo days to the present, enjoy a " virtual" cruise until we can sail together on Penobscot Bay.

Thank you and stay well.

Warmest regards,

Captain Ray and Ann