It Could Only Happen to Me!

When  Sharon Hickey first called to ask questions about our cruises and make her reservation, the first thing she said was that we may not want to sell her a ticket because something bad always happened where ever she went.   Undaunted, we took the reservation. 

On her cruise Sharon regaled fellow passengers with humorous tales of woe from her book "It could only Happen To Me"; stories such as the time her shoes caught on fire at a concert or when she was turned down to adopt a shelter pet.  

Mercantile Passengers

 Fortunately her usual bad luck didn't follow her aboard and there were no mishaps.  Perhaps the waters of Penobscot Bay turned the tide for her and her next book will be all about the good fortune that follows her everywhere.  We'll be watching for it! 

Sharon's book can be found on Amazon or when you come to sail this summer feel free to pick up the office copy and read a few sections! 

book cover I could only happen to me