Flat Stanley Visits the Mercantile

Those of you  who have younger children or grandchildren may have heard of Flat Stanley.  In the lower primary grades, Flat Stanley is introduced to the class through a book.  In this book Stanley has a terrible accident when a blackboard falls on him - this is a terrible thing!  Stanley has been squished flat!  He soon discovers that there advantages to being flat.  He can slide under doors and even better he can fit in an envelope and travel anywhere.  Each student is given a Flat Stanley which they color, cut out and mail to someone in their life who lives in a different place. Stanley spends a week with the person and his adventures are recorded and sent back to the school to share with the rest of the class.  It's a wonderful way to learn about life outside of the students own town. 

A grandfather sailing on the Mercantile brought along the Flat Stanley he had received from his grandson. 

Flat Stanley's radio check, Schooner Mercantile

Stanley did a radio check and even took over the helm for a while.  He also helped raise the sails but had to remain in Grandpa's pocket  so he wouldn't blow overboard. 

Flat Stanley at the Helm

We hope he enjoyed the lobster feast!  Lucky Stanley! What a great adventure he had to share with the class! 

If ever you receive a Flat Stanley from a special young person in your life we hope you will have fun with him and show him all the wonderful things in your area.  What a fun way for youngsters to learn!