In 2013 a young man named Liam was finally old enough to be introduced to the adventure founded by his great grandfather, Frank Swift. Last year Liam's grandfather Rod Swift brought him on board the Mercantile for his first cruise.


Liam & Grandfather Rod on the Grace Bailey

Rod recently sent the following email containing a poem written by Liam. You can tell this budding young poet feels and understands the magic of sailing on the Bay. "Ann and I went to Maine last weekend, to visit grandson Liam and his sister. On Saturday Liam happened to notice some little 3 by 5 lined notepads that Anne had, and he asked to have one, which of course she gave him. About fifteen minutes later Liam came to me as I was reading the newspaper. 'Grandad, I wrote a poem. Would you like to read it?',he asked. He clearly wanted to know my opinion. It was written in ink on the very first page of the notepad. (I later counted the pages, and there were none missing, so I knew he had just written it straight out, no trial attempts or erasures.) My reaction was that it was a remarkable free-verse poem for a 9-year-old, or maybe even for a 59-year-old. It goes as follows -

Liam's Poem
It has the same feel, to me, as Carl Sandberg's famous poem Fog. He's been begging me for months to see if I can take him aboard for another cruise - he wants to go on the Grace Bailey next time."


Rod Swift

Well Rod & Liam - The Grace Bailey's ready when you are!


The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on.

Carl Sandburg