Schooner Mercantile, one of our original fleet, national Historic Landmark and long-time icon in Camden harbor, will continue offering 3 or 6 day trips during the pre-season month of June.  Swift and Mistress are available for charter during that month.  Then our regular season starts on July 1 with all three boats.  Our regular season offers multiple-day cruises which you can combine into a longer trip at a discount.

We are still planning the schedules and fares for our three vessels, and are maintaining last year's prices through Valentine's Day!



Our itineraries always vary, depending on prevailing wind and water conditions.  Plan a multiple-day cruise around Penobscot Bay, and cast your cares to the wind through the end of September!

We love to welcome all of our sailors, whether they are first-timers or Old Salts.  Solo passengers have just as much fun as those in a group, and you can choose moments of solitude or of socializing.   Hug the rail, lounge on deck, help sail the schooner, read a book or do nothing at will enjoy our coast and islands and all their scenic beauty.