Schooner Mistress Starts Our Season


Maine windjammer Cruises began our season on July 1st.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions and passenger loads, at this time we will only be operating the Schooner Mistress.  The Grace Bailey and Mercantile will remain in the harbor with winter covers on until such time as it is prudent to allow guests aboard. 

The Mistress is ideally suited to welcome passengers in these careful times.  With each of her three cabins having its own sink and toilet and separate access from the deck, the risk of virus spread is greatly minimized.  Her decks provide space for social distancing and while you're out there sailing on the bay plenty of fresh sea air.  

While Maine Windjammer Cruises has always set a high standard for cleanliness, the crew has been well trained in providing extra care for sanitizing commonly used surfaces and  food preparation areas. To minimize contact whenever practical meals will be served above decks.  We will be foregoing our usual family style food service. Meals will be plated for guests.  Don't worry seconds will always be available.  Passengers will also be asked not to assist in food preparation or cleanup.  You can still help sail, but leave the dishes to us!

We will do all in our power to meet or exceed requirements as laid out by the Maine DECD to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our passengers and crew. 

The Mistress is available  for 3-Day, 4-Day and 5-day windjammer cruises.  To  check availability or book a cruise please visit our website at  

When the not welcoming overnight passengers the Mistress will offer 4 hour Lobster Lunch and Dinner cruises departing from the Public Landing here in Camden.  Visit us at  to check availability or book. 

Many overnight guests will need comply with our state's Keep Maine Healthy mandate and complete the required Certificate of Compliance for Maine Visitors.  At this time, Maine residents and visitors from New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey  are exempt from this requirement. 

Until situations change and we are able to operate our National Landmark schooners, our capacity will be small.  We do hope to welcome as many of you aboard as possible this season.  We are here to answer your questions 800-736-7981.