A Busy Winter for Capt Ray & Ann

With the Schooners under cover and winter maintenance projects well under way at the shop, Ray and Ann are taking some time to recharge before upcoming season. 

Capt Ray is on his way to Bahia Brazil He will have the opportunity to spend some time with Kristi and further explore the cargo carrying  Saveiros and the life style of their captains that intrigued him on his visit to Salvador  in 2013.  http://www.mainewindjammercruises.com/connect/newsletter/March-2013---Brazil/#racingthesaveiros

The design of these vessels is rumored to go back as far as 7000 BC.  With certainty they have been in Salvador since its founding in 1589 when Indians arrived by vessel bringing the Marking Board, which is the base from which all Saveiros are designed. Native master craftsmen extrapolate proportions and dimensions based on this geometric puzzle standardizing the characteristics of the vessels over the centuries.  Capt. Ray will try to send updates of his experiences as he participates in the history and culture of this fascinating region of Brazil.