New - Old Salts Club Facebook Page


Dear Friends,

It has been a great honor to share our life’s work with tens of thousands of you. Each week is a new adventure, one that we all share. Whether it was the exciting sailing, the beautiful islands, the fog  or the general shenanigans  that made up the week, we all take away cherished memories of our time aboard. 

Among the highlights I’m sure you’ll agree are all the great people we meet. As you disembark from your adventure you vow to stay in touch and share pictures but as you return to the demands of your busy lives often best intentions fall to the back burner. 

Decades ago, to help our passengers and friends stay connected,  we added a page on our website dedicated to our Old Salts. It was a place where they could share pictures and comments about their trip and hopefully keep in contact with their shipmates.  We had the right idea, but unfortunately it was necessary go through Maine Windjammer Cruises to get things posted.  This took a lot of time and effort and produced only modest results.

In today's culture of Social Media a far more user friendly infrastructure exists on Facebook thanks to Mark Zuckerberg.  We have launched a Facebook page named OLD SALTS CLUB as a vehicle for our passengers to conveniently and safely share their images, stay in touch with each other and meet others who have shared this amazing experience.

The Old Salts Club page has been set up as a Closed Group. This means that only members can make or view posts.  All of our Old Salts (anyone who has sailed with us since our beginning in 1936), are eligible for membership.  To ask to become a member, follow this link Old Salts Club, ask to join. We'll approve you and you can begin sharing with your shipmates! 

This page is dedicated to Mattie Mosher an inspiring woman who made well over one hundred cruises starting in 1939. We have entered, in her honor, the very first post of the OLD SALTS CLUB. 

We hope you find this a fun and useful way to remember/share your time onboard our schooners as well as connect with your shipmates.  Please encourage friends and family who have also sailed to join and share their experiences.   

From time to time we will be offering specials which will only be open to our Old Salts Club facebook page members.  As we roll out this new method for you, our passengers, to stay connected please share your comments and suggestions with us. 

Capt Ray & Ann