Every windjammer Cruise is a challenge for the captain. Although it all may seem quite relaxed, even random, I can assure you that it is not. Every cruise is different and yes we do rely on the wind and tide to help determine the events of the day, but within those parameters there is always a large variety of choices.

Penobscot Bay and the surrounding waters are blessed with a complex archipelago which provides diverse and unparalleled sailing. Our job is to make each trip as interesting and enjoyable as possible. Let's sail through narrow passageways like Fox Island Throfare and small island clusters like Merchants Row.

Merchants Row - A Birds-eye View
There are hundreds of possibilities. Let's see small out of the way fishing villages or quaint coastal towns. Probably the captain's most stressful decision each week is where to have our lobster bake. All of these choices add up to what we hope is the perfect Cruise.


Where to have the Lobster Bake?
It could be said that you can't go wrong and that may be true, but there is nothing more satisfying than making all the right decisions and having an extraordinary trip unfold. Beating the turn of the tide or anticipating a wind shift can make all the difference. Planning tomorrow's options today will help decide tonight's anchorage. We say that no two trips are alike because there are just too many possibilities. One thing is for sure, we strive to make the most of each day. Asking the captain where we are going today is like asking what the outcome of a game is that has not yet been played.

"The cruise is like playing chess where the coast is the board and you are playing against nature. To win you have to make all the right moves. Of course you can't beat Mother Nature, but its fun to try.".....Captain Ray