December 2019


Maine Windjammer Cruises Merry Christmas

Dear Passengers & Friends            

With two young granddaughters, the excitement is building here at the Williamson household.  Friday was a half day for Aria and Isla's Holiday concert was also on Friday.  Certainly the signal for "Let the Christmas celebration begin!"  It's wonderful having the girls so nearby, reminding us of the joy and anticipation of Christmas as we experience it through their eyes.

The weekend has been busy rushing around taking care of last minute presents and decorations.  Ann has been busy in the kitchen making sure we will be well supplied with Christmas treats and today we picked Kristi and Yeshua up at the airport,  completing the family circle.  Our greatest joy is to have our entire family together as we celebrate this wonderful season. 

Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, we wish you peace and inner joy as you gather with friends and family during this holiday time. 

May 2020 be a year of fair winds and following seas for all of you  -  Capt. Ray & Ann