Captain Becky Wright

Capt Becky at the Helm of the Schooner Mistress


As a rule Maine Windjammer Cruises does not hire anyone who is still in high school, but Becky Wright was the exception. After an extensive interview  and review of his meeting with Becky, Captain Ray was significantly impressed to bend the rule and Becky was signed on with Maine Windjammer Cruises in 2011 as an intern when she was a senior in high school.

Becky wright painting the Schooner MercantileDuring fitout she set herself to the task of learning all she could. Her agreed time off would find her at the library doing her school work to complete her senior year.  The following year she returned as cook/mate on the schooner Mistress. Undaunted by the hard work and long hours she returned again in 2013 as a deckhand on the Grace Bailey and Mercantile. 

Determined to gain more knowledge and further her maritime career Becky took a position on a large wooden yacht headed for the Caribbean.  She then spent 2 years aboard the Schooner Heron out of Rockport in the summer and the Grenadines in the winter. During that time she expanded her skill base and earned her Captains license. 


Becky returned to Maine Windjammer Cruises again in 2017 serving as first mate on the Schooner Mercantile and occasionally filled in as relief Captain on the Schooner Mistress. 

Captain Becky in Camden Harbor on the Schooner MistressRecognizing Becky's dedication, competence and professionalism, Captain Ray awarded her command of the Schooner Mistress for the 2018 sailing season knowing the schooner and our passengers would be in good hands. 


Those who sailed on the   Mistress this past summer   have been impressed not only   with her skills as a   professional mariner, but with  her good humor, attention her   passenger's needs and  steady good judgment as well.    

 We're proud to have Capt. Becky Wright as a member of the Maine Windjammer Cruises team.