Only Two Months Left for 2019 Sailing!

It seems as though the season just began and here we are with only two months of sailing left in 2019!

It's been a wonderful Spring and Summer so far with great sailing, returning Old Salts, new sailors and celebrations. There is time to  bring your dreams of windjammer sailing true before the covers go on at the end of September.  Some of the season's best sailing is still ahead of us! 

Schooner Grace Bailey


              Welcome to Maine Windjammer Cruises   Grace Bailey Passengers   Schooner Grace Bailey Riding the Boom


            sunrise from the Grace Bailey           Grace Bailey sunset

                              Lobster bake

Sail  with Capt. Ray, Capt. Christopher & Capt. Becky for the adventure of a lifetime Whether it's a return cruise or you're a first time sailor there's nothing like it!  When you sail on a windjammer every sunrise is the beginning of a new adventure - every sunset is a new and beautiful display from Mother Nature. 

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