Original Windjammer Fleet



While listing of our vessels for sale we are committed to operate in 2022. As for the future we are doing everything we can to incentivise a buyer to purchase the Grace Bailey and Mercantile together. It is our desire that they will remain in Camden and continue to operate as the Original Windjammer Fleet.

Who knows we may be at it for a while longer but we are highly motivated to find the right person or persons to take this on. I’m sure that anyone with the determination to make this work would be a worthy steward for the vessels.

Insight on how to make it happen can be found in the 160 page coffee table picture book “Keeping the Tradition Alive”. It describes struggles for success by Captain Frank Swift who founded “Windjammer Cruises” in 1936 right here in Camden Maine. His exploits are well documented in the book as well as the story of how we got involved in the mid- 1980’s and restored the fleet by 1990.

For over three quarters of a century these noble Coasting Schooners have graced Camden Harbor. They more than any other vessel represent the character of our community and its maritime heritage. We feel confident that someone will see the value in this plan and continue to offer the same authentic Windjammer experience enjoyed by tens of thousands over the decades.

Keeping the tradition alive

If you are interested in the history of our company you can order the book on our website. Your continued support for these vessels is greatly appreciated.

           Warmest regards,

                                  Captain Ray & Ann