New Directions






Dear friends, 

Happy New Year!  Here’s wishing you the best for 2022.

It’s hard to believe we have been operating this fleet for 36 years. From the early days when we struggled to keep them afloat, through major restorations, recognition as National Landmarks, and the decades of raising our family aboard has afforded us a wonderful life.

Now with grandchildren we plan to ease back a bit and have more time for family and a simpler lifestyle. As part of this plan, we have officially put the vessels up for sale and look forward to finding someone to carry on keeping the tradition alive. 

During our tenure we have shared this remarkable experience with literally tens of thousands who have joined us over the years. This has been truly rewarding.

Unable to give up our connection with the sea and traditional sailing we have purchased a new vessel which we intend to operate in what we are calling semi-retirement.

We hope you will join us in what might be our last season aboard the “Original Windjammer Fleet” and consider sailing on our very special new vessel, Swift.

Warmest regards,

Captain Ray and Ann