What's Missing

In our last news letter we asked the question What's Missing and Who is missing it? Many of you knew it was a bowsprit, but Old Salt Doug Henderson was the first one to tell us that it was the bowsprit on the Mercantile!


What's Missing?

A major maintenance project this spring was to fit the Mercantile with a new bowsprit. Wayne Breda spent weeks shaping a raw thirty-four foot piece of solid Douglas fir, taking it from square, to hexagon to octagon, to polygon and finally hand shaping it to round,taking great care to ensure exact measurements.


In the Beginning


Starting to Take Shape

With the shaping completed came the test -- would it fit? Under the direction of Wayne and Capt. JR, and the watchful eye of Capt. Ray, the crane lifted the new sprit and slowly maneuvered it into place. A testament to Wayne's talent as a woodworker and shipwright,it fit like a glove. Slipping almost effortlessly into the mortice inside the Mercantile's pawl post. When you come for your cruise this summer, be sure to take a minute to admire Wayne's handiwork.


The Lift Begins




Wayne Guiding the Bowsprit Home


Final Seating of the Mortice and Tenon


Now All That Remains is the Rigging!