Maruta Jaya Supplies Hard-Hit Indonesian Islands

The plan to carry relief to those so greatly affected by the Tsunami in Indonesia is a reality. Capt. Ray Williamson departed for Indonesia on April 12 to join the Maruta Jaya on her first mission to distribute relief goods to victims on Nias and Simeulue islands.

The vessel is scheduled to arrive in Telukdalem on the southern tip of Nias Island on April 19.

The Windjammer Relief Effort takes legal control of the Maruta Jaya to undertake its project.

The Windjammer Relief Effort, sponsored by Captain Ray, took legal control of the Maruta Jaya on April 1. In a partnership between Care International and the Windjammer Relief Effort, the Maruta Jaya was loaded last week with 800 tons of supplies and sailed for the islands of Nias and Simeulue on April 9, 2005. The islands lie southwest of Sumatra and have experienced two more significant earthquakes as well as many aftershocks since the original earthquake and Tsunami of December 26. Their need is great, and additional relief trips are planned in the region.



Portion of the deck on the 200-foot long Maruta Jaya.

The final cargo manifest for the current trip includes 652 tarpaulins; 8,280 plastic jerry cans; 77,520 water purification kits; 940 kitchen sets; 3,936 butterfly stoves and 9,714 family kits, each containing kitchen supplies, soap, five pairs of sandals, five sarongs, and five sleeping mats.





Portion of the deck.

The Maruta Jaya is a 900-ton motor-assisted cargo sailing vessel. Built in 1990 in Surabaya, Indonesia, she is 200-feet long, has a draft of 15.5 feet, and carries 13,000 square feet of sail.





Stern of the 900-ton Maruta Jaya.

Thanks to many long hours of work and an outpouring of community support, the three-month plan has become a reality. The Windjammer Relief Effort is supported by friends and acquaintances of Capt. Ray and Ann Williamson, co-owners of Maine Windjammer Cruises, and by the local community. A fundraiser at the Camden Snow Bowl in March raised more than $7,000 for the relief project. Local grocery stores provided food for dinner, and professional musicians donated their time to entertain during an evening of camaraderie and free skiing, snowboarding and tubing at the local facility.

Assistance from the Indonesian area was also helpful in putting the first trip together. Capt. Gita, operations director of Admiral Lines and president of the Indonesia Sail Training Association arranged use of the Indonesian Navy dock for loading in Jakarta. Unloading and distribution will be assisted by the Howu-Howu Foundation, which is dedicated to improving the welfare of the inhabitants of Nias and Simeulue, and by other grassroots organizations.

Capt. Ray will be reporting on his trip whenever he has internet access. If the Indo Relief porthole is active on our website home page, you can access his updates through there. If the What's New porthole is active, you will also find information about our upcoming sailing season. Longer stories and more photos will appear in these e-newsletters. For more information, you may email or call the office of the Windjammer Relief Effort at 207-236-0675.