April 2005

Fitting Out and Other Signs of Spring

Though your home town may be filled with flowering trees, shrubs and other gorgeous blooms, spring in midcoast Maine is as much anticipation as reality. The snow has finally melted so we can see the rocks in our rock gardens, and there's a slight greening

Nautical Terminology: Talking Salty

Filibusters? Follow politics long enough, and you'll see the term filibuster used to describe a long, unlimited debate in the U. S. Senate, a tactic used to keep a vote from coming to the floor. But what's the word doing in a list of nautical terms synony

From Wood Stove to Your Stove

If you like a cake that's equally suited to afternoon tea and morning coffee, you'll find Ann Williamson's Sour Cream Coffee Cake to be the ideal solution. Bake it in a Bundt pan for fancy slices accompanied by fruited pudding salad or bake it in a rectan

Crew Profile: Reservationist Terry Dodge

It's likely that few of you recognize the photo of this Cushing resident who worked in an aircraft plant during World War II, owned a tree farm, adventured around the world, and taught school in Tokyo. On the other hand, if you've reserved on one of our s

Save on our Hot Deals

Maine Windjammer Cruises® will donate a portion of each 2005 reservation to the tsunami relief effort. So far, $9500 has been raised this way. See specials for new passengers and old salts.

Maruta Jaya Supplies Hard-Hit Indonesian Islands

The plan to carry relief to those so greatly affected by the Tsunami is a reality. Capt. Ray Williamson departed for Indonesia on April 12 to join the Maruta Jaya on her first mission to distribute relief goods to victims on Nias and Simeulue islan