Schooner Grace Bailey - 50th Wedding Celebration Gathering of the Dwight Family 


In 2005 Le Rae & Larry Dwight gathered their family for a cruise on the Grace Baiely to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  The trip was filled with good times and lasting memories.  This year, their daughter Deb Kelley contacted us and said she would like to show us something she had made to commemorate their trip.   She and her father arrived in Camden and  unveiled her surprise to Capt. Ray. Deb had hooked a rug complete with Curtis Island Light and the Ospreys of Pulpit Harbor. It was meaningful, whimsical and so well done.  Each time the family looks at her amazing creation they can't help but remember their special time together aboard the Grace Bailey.  Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

July 2, 3,4th 2005

50th Wedding Celebration gathering of the Dwight family:

Le Rae and Larry Dwight of Kennebunk, Maine.

The family is listed at the end of the story.  We assembled on Friday afternoon at 3PM to set sail by 4:30PM  out of Camden Harbor, Maine,  aboard the Grace Bailey owned by Ray Williamson Captained by J.R. Brough and cook Anna.


Friday evening we left with sun shining through the harbor and set a brief sail near Curtis Island Light house to Islesboro.  We then furled the sails and set anchor as the fog rolled in while the crew prepared lobster and steak, salad and baked potatoes for dinner.  The strong at heart attempted a quick jump into the frigid cold waters with ropes off the gunnel to climb back up onto the ship.  Then with  all hands on deck we did our dishes and swapped the deck to prepare for an early night to bed.  We told stories and sang some songs before all went into the bunks in the bow of the ship.  We arose to complete coverage of fog blanketing everywhere with maybe 10 foot sight ahead.  So Anna cooked a delicious leisurely breakfast and we took turns deciding when the fog would lift for the day.  I hooked a small rug for the winner.   We had bets to see who would predict the fog disappearing from the morning rising sun.  It was close but Margaret Dill won with a time of 8:40 AM. 


We quickly hoisted sails and ran downwind towards Pulpit Harbor with a full day sail.  It was a perfect sailing day with a good 10-15 knots steady wind.  We had another schooner besides us as we raced through the sound for a few hours.  A day full of sun and adventures on the boat.  TH and Lance had fun blowing on the conch shells and Clayton was the expert in ringing the bell.  I had fun relaxing on deck and being with family.  My Mom sat in the center of boat surveying all with her yellow coat which she wore continually for many years.  Dad enjoying captaining and racing with the Timberwind a schooner at that time was out of Rockport Maine but is now doing daysails out of Belfast Maine.


We arrived at Pulpit Harbor in the afternoon and enjoyed a leisure evening watching the sunset and many taking boat rides here and there.  We watched the amazing Ospreys nest which I understand has been there on the rock there for over 300 years.  The beauty and peaceful nature of Pulpit Harbor with lupines growing and cottages dotting the shoreline seaweed showing on the rocks and only a few seagulls saying hello.

With  clear skies and cool evening we meandered to bed after another delicious lasagna dinner, salad and brownies for desert.  There is a large wood stove on board and nice kitchen area with beautiful wooden table providing fun cards and games.  Also heat for cooking and meals provided by Anna the marvelous chef.

Night time appeared and I wandered on deck to crawl into the life preservers to view the stars for a time.   Crystal clear and amazing shooting stars every five minutes or so provided a few more learn constellation to my understanding of our amazing universe.

The final day another beautiful sail back to Camden past Grindle Point Lighthouse on Islesboro and  arriving around noon to depart up to Tim and Louise Spang’s camp in Machias on Bog Lake.  With Miranda in tow for her maiden voyage on Bog Lake.

I remember the moments of spending time rug hooking on the boat and talking with everyone watching the children move to and fro around the deck.  There was a ship bell Rung by all of us! Also a conch shell tried by many to make special music.  Sean Dill played the guitar while we sang camp songs and one of our favorites:  FLY ME TO THE MOON and LET ME DANCE AMONG THE STARS.

Tim Dwight whittled a kitchen spoon which I use daily in my kitchen!


AS time goes by this celebration of Rae and Larry Dwight’s Anniversary on the Grace Bailey afforded a memory shared by all the children and grandchildren.

I cherish this memory as evident from the rug I have hooked.  Margaret Dill helped me with drawing the Grace Bailey and Johanna Kelley provided the fish design.   The rest done by myself… the ospreys Nest to this day still being used and I hope to visit again.

The Maine coast offers its unique Pine trees sticking up and the seaweed lining the rocks.  The lobster buoys always had a spot of color in the waters and the taste of Maine is unsurpassed.  Thanks Mom and Dad for such a time and memory.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gathering Camden Maine:

LeRae Hehl Dwight and Lawrence E. Dwight   Parsons Beach Kennebunk Maine

(1st child daughter)Deborah Dwight Kelley and Joseph Neal Kelley Shoreham, Vermont

 Grandchildren: Johanna Anderson Kelley and Elizabeth Parsons Kelley Shoreham, VT

 (2nd child son)Lawrence E. Dwight Jr.

Grandchildren: Lance E. Dwight III and Avonlea Parsons Dwight  Kennebunk and Wilton ME

 3rd child son: Timothy Hehl Dwight and Devorah Norstrum Dwight Amesbury MA

Grandchildren: Timothy H. Dwight Jr. and Samantha (Zanthia) Rae Dwight

4th child daughter Louise Dwight Spang and Timothy Spang Kennebunkport ME

Grandchildren: Jameson Parsons Spang and Clayton Hehl Spang

Margaret Downing Dill and Sean Patrick Dill   Eddy’s Hill Devonshire Bermuda.