It has been another great season of sailing here in mid coast Maine. 

Each year we finish the season convinced that we have had the best passengers and sailing ever.  2016 is no exception.  We thank all of you who were part of it! Old Salts returned, others arrived as new guests and left as Old Salts.  Some came to celebrate, many to share their birthdays with the Schooner Mercantile on the occasion of her 100th year.  Others came just to get away from it all and experience the wonders of the Maine coast onboard a traditional sailing a vessel. 

Often our guests express the feeling of being transported to another world.  Today's busy society does not often afford us the opportunity to step back and just be. When you're out on the bay without the distractions of our modern lives, the sailing, the islands  and the schooner itself become your entire world.  As you absorb yourself in the beauty of your surroundings, the creaking of the rigging and the feeling under your feet of the ship alive and scudding along under full sail, there is time to unwind, get to know those around you and perhaps even yourself a little better.  The uniqueness of a Maine Windjammer Cruise is exhilarating, relaxing, fun and therapeutic all at the same time. 

Returning to shore we are once more immersed in the hustle and bustle of traffic, cell phones, schedules and commitments .  As we reenter hopefully a bit of what we have experienced goes with us.  

The winter and our busy lives are ahead. As you reflect on your vacation and go through the pictures taken while sailing with us, if you run across one the brings that special feeling you had on your cruise please share it!  We will post it on our facebook page as well as a new page on our website, (Sailing Memories, A Maine Windjammer Cruise Through the Eyes of Our Passengers). If you have a comment to share we will be happy to post that also.

 Thank you for helping  others keep summer memories going throughout the winter until we can once again sail with the wind.

Please send your memories to 

To all of our 2016 passengers, Thank You! for a wonderful year.  To all who haven't sailed with us yet, we look forward to welcoming you aboard in the future to share in this unique adventure!