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Working aboard a windjammer is a grand experience worth pursuing. The key to success is persistence. There are very few jobs and many applicants. We prefer applicants who are career oriented and available for the entire season. We begin fitting out the schooners in April and finish putting them away in October. Priority will be given to those capable of making a commitment for the entire season, but occasionally we hire people for only part of the season.

A prerequisite for any job with Maine Windjammer Cruises® is a polite and friendly manner and the ability to deal with people. In addition to the regular full time captains, cooks, mates and deckhand positions, we have a volunteer/apprentice position, which usually requires a one-month commitment.

The captain needs to be fully licensed and usually comes up through the ranks. Deckhands preferably have previous experience. The position of senior deckhand requires a license and previous experience. The captain and deckhands need to be of good personality to work well with each other and with up to 29 passengers.

The cook needs to be experienced in cooking on a woodstove or willing to learn. There is a woodstove on the Mercantile and propane stoves on the Swift. The cook needs to be able to work in tight quarters in a hot galley. This person should love cooking but be able to stick to menus provided by the owner. Occasionally, when possible, the cook should make appropriate changes to help people on special diets. The cook should be ready to deal with up to 29 passengers and four other crew on the  big schooner and six passengers and captain on the small boats. The cook on the big schooner also needs to work well with the messmate in seeing that all runs smoothly in the galley.

Deckhands must work under the direction of their captain, and get along well with all crew, including cook and messmate. The messmate must work under the direction of the cook and keep the galley clean at all times.

Apprenticeship/Volunteer positions are available all season. We prefer a four-week rotation, but part of a season, even just a week or two, may be available, especially in the spring and fall. This opportunity to experience working on a windjammer will be given to suitable applicants on a space-available basis. If you are interested in a position sailing aboard our schooners, please fill out this job application, forward it with a resume, cover letter and three references. We will make every effort to follow up promptly.

We are serious about our commitment when hiring you, so please be serious about your time commitment.

Good Luck!
Capt. Ray Williamson
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