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Schooner Grace Bailey 123' ~ Schooner Mercantile 115' ~Schooner Mistress 60'

Sail the Maine Coast with us. We offer traditional sailing adventures aboard our fleet of two masted schooners based in Camden, Maine. Trips vary in length from three to six days and carry up to 29 passengers per vessel. In operation since 1936, MWC has given hundreds of sailors the opportunity hone their skills while navigating in one of the most beautiful and challenging areas in the world. 

Successful candidates will possess traditional sailing experience, required USCG credentials as required and a commitment to the safety and comfort of our guests. 


We take our commitment to our passengers and historic schooners seriously. Do you have what it takes to become a member of our 2019 sailing team?

CAPTAINS - Appropriate traditional sailing experience and USCG licensing required;

DECKHANDS - Traditional sailing experience preferred, (opportunity for advancement as relief captain if appropriately licensed);

COOKS - Responsible for preparing all meals on a traditional wood fired stove.

APPRENTICE/VOLUNTEER MESSMATE  MWC offers one-month apprenticeships aboard our schooners in return for working as an assistant to the cook. .

Apply for any of the above at You will find the link to our Job Application at the bottom of the page.