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Our E-newsletter features articles and photos of the Grace Bailey, Mercantile, and Mistress, including recent trips amidst the many islands and fishing villages of Penobscot Bay. These boats sail under the flag of Maine Windjammer Cruises ®.

Read interesting stories about the history of our company, which has been carrying passengers off the coast of Maine since 1936, when we were the first to convert schooners for this use. We'll tell you about the meticulous restoration of the Grace Bailey and Mercantile, which are listed as Historic Landmarks, and stories about the other schooners that once plied this trade for Maine Windjammer Cruises ®.

Enjoy photos taken on beautiful Penobscot Bay and features about people-passengers who return regularly, multitalented crew members, and others who play significant roles in making our trips a great vacation for you.

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