2020 March Reflections

Hello All -

This is a difficult time for our nation and the world.  All of a sudden business as usual has been brought to a stop.  Meetings are cancelled, our towns are virtually shut down, and even interaction with friends and family is curtailed.  Our lives as we understand them have come to a grinding halt. 
After traveling to Long Island, NY for a family wedding, Ann and I have returned Camden.  In light of the  COVID-19 warnings and mandates, we are self quarantining here at home.  While it is difficult to be in the middle of our community and not be able to go about business as usual, it is also a time to engage with each other and rediscover what really matters.  We all have the choice to worry and panic or to submit to the new normal for the good of all.  I would strongly suggest the latter.

   sunset on board the Grace Bailey


Take a deep breath and step back as you imagine yourself on the deck of a windjammer taking in the surroundings of a quiet anchorage as the sunset paints your world with peaceful beauty. 



Hopefully the current restrictions will bring about the desired results curbing the spread of this global crisis, and our lives will begin to return to normal.  Stay safe and healthy.  We hope to see you relaxing in one of those quiet anchorages this summer. 

Capt. Ray & Ann