April 11, 2006Spring is in the air here on the coast of Maine. Our sailing crew has returned and is busy preparing our schooners for the season.

This is our Seventieth Anniversary for Maine Windjammer Cruises and our twentieth year as owners.
After working for the company for four years we purchased the fleet in 1986, and those early years were filled with challenges. Between 1986 and 1992 we completely rebuilt all three of our schooners.

Maine Windjammer Cruises was the first to offer sailing vacations on working boats, sailing alongside other schooners still hauling cargo. The experience was a grand idea and this new concept saved many sailing ships that otherwise would not have survived.

Camden was the perfect place for a home port and Penobscot Bay the ideal cruising ground. From our picturesque harbor, we introduce you to thousands of islands, many uninhabited and others with small fishing villages.

We're convinced Captain Frank Swift had it right when he began offering windjammer cruises back in 1936, and we are proud to carry on the tradition. He was given the opportunity to sail aboard turn of the century commercial sailing vessels. This is exactly what we are doing today. These ships are National Historic Landmarks, and the experience is every much as real as it was a hundred years ago.

We've added modern safety features and a few amenities that were not available in the 1930s, but basically we strive to offer you the same trip you would have taken back then. Sailing on our windjammers is more like spending time at a historic site than visiting Disney World, but I can assure you the ride is every bit as exciting. Take the family on a real adventure with us. It's the real thing!

Captain Ray