As expected, last year was a busy season celebrating our 75th anniversary. With the launching of my book "Keeping the Tradition Alive" and welcoming back so many of our "Olds Salts", the summer was gone before we knew it and our attention was turned to getting the Grace Bailey, Mercantile and Mistress ready for the winter. We've had an unusually quiet January and February, which has not been the best for winter fun activities such as skiing and snowboarding, but I did get the opportunity to go out sailing with our Harbor Master, Steve on his classic ice boat. Quite a different experience from a trip across the Bay on the Grace Bailey!The milder weather has been great for getting the shop organized and upgraded, as well as tuning the saw mill for optimal efficiency, keeping us all busy. Crew members are slated to arrive no later than April 1st. That's only a month away! With luck and good planning we can get an early start on spring fitout of the schooners and have them ready and waiting for you when the 2012 sailing season begins on May 18th. Hope everyone had a great winter and I'm looking forward to welcoming you all aboard this summer!