February 1, 2008We hope your winter is a pleasant one. The schooners are tucked away in the ice at Camden harbor. A few warm days between snowstorms have us feeling like winter is passing quickly, and spring will be here before we know it. It takes several months of hard work to prepare our schooners for your sailing vacations.

Bosuns and Bosun apprentices will be arriving in early March to caulk the Mercantile quarter deck. The rest of the crew will arrive in March or by April 1 to begin the two+ months of preparing the boats for the season.

Our season begins early this year on May 16 with the shakedown cruise, which is always fun and a good value,we hope you will join us for this special cruise. We are still offering discounts for this and our other pre-season trips. The Pre-Season is an exciting time to sail with Maine's cool, brisk winds in Penobscot Bay!. To check out, our E-Specials go thru the porthole on our home page.

We passed the Grace Bailey's 125th birthday last season and this season marks the 73rd year of operation for Maine Windjammer Cruises® and our 23rd year as owners. Tens of thousands have come aboard our vessels to experience the beauty of the Maine coast and the traditions of our historic coasting schooners.

Our daughter Kristi just came back from India in December after almost a year of traveling. We hope to have a little write-up and pictures on the Enewsletter soon.
I've been busy renovating a house my daughter Allysa bought recently. She hopes to be at the helm of the Mistress again this season. During the school year she teachers music.

Ann is still teaching kindergarten and is glad to have the cookbook behind her after years of planning and final publication during August 2007.

We now have all the 2007 Trip Logs up, so visit Old Salts - View Trip Logs to review those and past years. During the next couple of months we will be updating our many other photo galleries. If you haven't sent photos yet, contact us, we are looking for extra good ones for our new brochure during 2008.Please enjoy our website, and don't hesitate to call if you have any questions. We look forward to sharing this unique experience with you.

Capt. Ray Williamson