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Capt Ray

Exciting News from California



June 4, 2020 at 2:46 AM - Kristi and Yeshua welcomed a baby girl, Grace Adonai, into their lives and ours. According to her parents Grace is gentle, has expressive hands and loves to cuddle. 

Ann waited as long as she could before taking a leap of faith and heading to the west coast to meet her newest granddaughter.  She is there now getting to know Grace and adding a mother's support to Kristi. 




We are truly fortunate to have our wonderful family which now includes Baby Grace, named in honor of  the Grace Bailey. May she grow to be as strong and beautiful as her namesake.   


Calm in the Midst of Turmoil - Find Your Peaceful Place

Hello All -

This is a difficult time for our nation and the world.  All of a sudden business as usual has been brought to a stop.  Meetings are cancelled, our towns are virtually shut down, and even interaction with friends and family is curtailed.  Our lives as we understand them have come to a grinding halt. 
After traveling to Long Island, NY for a family wedding, Ann and I have returned Camden.  In light of the  COVID-19 warnings and mandates, we are self quarantining here at home.  While it is difficult to be in the middle of our community and not be able to go about business as usual, it is also a time to engage with each other and rediscover what really matters.  We all have the choice to worry and panic or to submit to the new normal for the good of all.  I would strongly suggest the latter.

   sunset on board the Grace Bailey


Take a deep breath and step back as you imagine yourself on the deck of a windjammer taking in the surroundings of a quiet anchorage as the sunset paints your world with peaceful beauty. 



Hopefully the current restrictions will bring about the desired results curbing the spread of this global crisis, and our lives will begin to return to normal.  Stay safe and healthy.  We hope to see you relaxing in one of those quiet anchorages this summer. 

Capt. Ray & Ann      

Kristi Williamson as a childFrom time to time we do a story about present or former crewmembers and here is an update on one that has a special place in our hearts.

Kristi was born shortly after our move to Camden in 1982. She was four when we purchased Maine Windjammer Cruises and she immediately became a full time member of the crew. Perhaps the greatest joy owning these vessels has been sailing with our children all summer.

Kristi Williamson dancing with passengersAs host, growing up on the schooners, she had a knack for entertaining the passengers from an early age. This led to a degree in Musical Theater. Having a compassionate side Kristi was in search of something more. After graduation she traveled for a year in India studying cultural music, dance, philosophy and yoga. 

Kristi Williamson yoga cruise with passengers


In an effort to combine her passion for the arts and the desire to help others she studied for three years at the Tamalpa Institute for Expressive Therapy. This program was inspired by Anna Halprin a leading dancer and choreographer of her day who was given one year to live by her doctors. Through dance and the desire to express the cancer out of her life she continues to mentor Kristi and others fifty years later. She is 99.

After completing her academic studies at Tamalpa, Kristi returned to India three times, establishing an expressive therapy program for victims of human trafficking in Kolkata.

She now works with Tamalpa supervising students who have elected to have this program as part of their education. Her connection with the institute includes performances which raise money for various nonprofits. She continues to study with and is part of Anna Halprin’s performance group.

Living in Mill Valley she teaches and performs in Marin county and the San Francisco Bay area. Kristi is offering a one week Elemental Yoga and Arts retreat at Xinalani Retreat Center in Puerto Vallarta Mexico March 7-14. Check it out on her website

Elemental Yoga & Arts Retreat Kristi Williamson


In May Kristi will be blessing us with yet another crewmember!


Maine Windjammer Cruises 2018 Sailing  off to a great start!

Our 2018 Windjammer Sailing season is well underway and we're ready for a busy season. 

We've already celebrated 3 birthdays and welcomed 2 brides & grooms with several more celebrations and weddings scheduled.  Here at Maine Windjammer Cruises, we're looking ahead to a season full of great sailing and joyous events.

I hope we'll be seeing you aboard the Grace Bailey, Mercantile or Mistress this summer!   Capt. Ray 

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Every year at this time I look around and wonder where the winter has gone. You would think with the boats tucked away until spring there would be all the time in the world to get organized for a new season, but it never seems to happen that way. The last couple of months have been busy planning for new adventures involving Kristi & Alyssa. It's been energizing to work with the girls and have them bring their experiences to the planning table. This summer we will be adding the Pinky Schooner Summertime to our fleet. Under the direction of the girls, she will be sailing out of Lincolnville Beach doing 2 hour day sails, lobster bakes and single night cruises. Complete schedules are still in the planning stage, but if you're coming to Maine this summer and don't have the time for a longer cruise, we can still get you aboard for a taste of the bay. Watch for our next eNewsletter for more of the story!2014 promises to be busy and exciting season and we're looking forward to having you be a part of it! See you this summer! Captain Ray

As we wrap up our 78th year, I want to thank all who sailed with us this season for your part in making it a memorable one. It was great welcoming back our "Old Salts" and getting to know so many first time sailors! I hope that all of you first timers realize that now you have joined the ranks of our "Old Salts" Club and are eligible for all of the benefits available to members. Please visit our "Old Salts Club" page to review them. The schooners have their covers on and most of the crew have departed for winter pursuits until spring fit out next April. Whether it be school, skiing, dog sledding or sailing in warmer waters, we wish them all well. Those of us that remain in Camden will be spending our time preparing for our 2014 sailing season. The fleet will be ready to welcome passengers again in 2014, beginning with the Shakedown cruise on May 16th. Reservations for 2014 sailing dates are already being received, so it’s not too early to start planning, especially if you are interested in the 6 passenger Mistress. SCHEDULES and RESERVATIONSPlease stay in touch with happenings here at Maine Windjammer Cruises by visiting our Facebook page, submitting your Trip Logs, our eNewsletter or just sending us a quick email to Hope to see you in 2014! Captain Ray

Hello there,

Well we have begun our fit out season in ernest. Andy, Gus, Becky and Zak are all back getting the boats in shape for the upcomming season. Things are really starting to shape up and we hope you will be joining Maine Widjammer Cruises for a sail this summer.

We will be hauling out the schooner early this year so we already have the yawlboat launched and the cover will come off tomorrow. The sailing starts May 17, not too far off. Come aboard for our shakedown cruise or one of our other preseason trips and get a jump on the summer fun.

We're looking forward to seeing you.

Best regards,

Captain Ray Williamson

The Happiest of Holidays and Fair Sailing in 2013 to all of you! This year Ann and I are looking forward to celebrating our first Christmas as grandparents. New Granddaughter Aria is blossoming and charming us all. At 8 months old, if I remember our girls correctly, her focus will be on ribbons and wrapping paper. We can't wait! We're hoping to get a family picture taken while we are all gathered for the day. If we can get everyone with both eyes open and all looking at the camera, we'll share it on Facebook. We invite you to share your holidays with your fellow sailors as well. As we enter our 78th year as a company we look forward to welcoming Old Salts and new aboard for our 2013 Sailng Season! Be sure to check your calendars for early booking discounts.

A big "Thank you!" to our passengers for a great 2012 season. It was a pleasure sharing good company, great sailing, wonderful food and the beauty of the Maine coast with all of you.

The crew completed getting the schooners ready for winter just in time for Hurricane Sandy. Here in Camden, we only experienced high winds and seas, and some power outages. The Grace Bailey, Mercantile and Mistress all rode out the storm with no damage. My thoughts go out to all of you who were in the path of things and were not so fortunate.

We're getting ready for our annual calendar mailing and other preparations for the 2013 season. We hope to see you all then!

Watch for our E-specials on our website or just call for the best deals for 2013. Gift certificates are available for the holidays or any special anniversary or birthday.

Be sure to plan extra early if you want a spot on the 6-passenger Mistress or any special accommodations on the big boats.

There's been a lot going on since my last message. The Mercantile has finished spring fitout and is already out sailing. Last weekend was our shakedown cruise. The weather cooperated and we made record time to Buck's Harbor for the first night. A great start to what will be an exciting season full of fair winds and happy passengers. The Grace Bailey and Mistress are still finishing up their sailing preparations and will be up and ready for passengers within the next two to three weeks.ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Ann and I are now grandparents! On April 29th at 11:40 am, Allysa and Seth became the parents of Aria Lee Anderson,7 pounds 13 ounces. She was born at home and Kristi was Allysa's coach. We couldn't be prouder of our whole family!