1939 - Schooner Mattie to 1990

The Mattie (Grace Bailey) chartered by Capt. Frank Swift [Researched and written by J.W. Sims in 1977] The Mattie (Grace Bailey) was chartered in 1939 and 1940 from Captain Shepard by Captain Frank Swift of Camden, who added her to his fleet of cruise schooners, then consisting of the Lydia M. Webster, Annie F. Kimball, Clinton, and Lois M. Candage. In the fall of 1940 Captain Swift purchased the Mattie. Except for a brief interruption during the summer of 1942, when she was chartered to the Maine Maritime Academy as their first training vessel, she has continued sailing as a Camden cruise schooner under the ownership of Captain Swift, Captain Jim Nisbet, Captain Leslie Bex (and most recently by Captain Ray Williamson). SIMS’S LIST OF MASTERS & OWNERS 1937-1977
[with additions to present] MASTERS 1937-1940 William F. Shepard, Deer Isle, ME
1941-1942 Parker J. Hall
1942-1954 Manley S. Grant, Stockton Springs, ME
1955-1956 Fremont J. Colton
1957-1960 Frank Swift, Camden, ME
1957-1960 Wynes Haskell, Deer Isle, ME
1957-1960 Montaford Haskell, Deer Isle, ME
1957-1960 Walter T. Hutchinson, Deer Isle, ME
1957-1960 Williamson E. Johnson
1961-1961 Jim Nisbet, Camden, ME
1962-1970 Fred C. Morey, Deer Isle, ME
1969-1969 Fred Johnson, Bailey Island, ME
1970-1970 Leslie E. Bex Jr., Camden, ME
1971-1974 Michael Anderson, Camden, ME
1975-1976 Paul DeOrsay, Camden, ME
1977-1988 Theodore C Schmidt, Camden, ME
1990— Present Ray Williamson, Camden, ME
OWNERS 1882-1906 Edwin Bailey: 1/8 Patchogue, NY
1882-1897 Seymour Ketcham: 1/8, 7/32 Patchogue, NY
1882-1919 John S Havens 1/16 Patchogue, NY
1882-1919 Nathaniel O Swetzey 1/16 Patchogue NY
1882-1894 Sidney Newoton 1/16 Patchogue NY
1882-1889 Archie Mills 1/32 Patchogue NY
1882-1907 Joseph S Howell 1/32 York River VA & Patchogue
1882-1894 Edgar Gilette 1/16 Bayport NY
1882-1907 William C Rogers 1/16 Bayport NY
1882-1890 Charles Z Howell 1/16 NYC & Patchogue NY
1882-1888 Josiah H Still 1/8 New York City
1882-1892 Joseph Mongey 1/16 New York City
1882-1900 Francis T Baker 1/16 New York City
1888-1897 John Decker 1/8 York River VA
1889-1892 Robert Mills 1/32 Patchogue NY
1890-1902 James Bell 1/16 Brooklyn NY
1894-1907 William A Arnold 1/16 Bayport NY
1894-1897 Messerau S Minor 1/32 Staten Island NY
1894-1897 George T Jones 1/32 Staten Island NY
1897-1919 Charles F Terry 13/32 to 11/16 Sayville NY
1906-1919 Martha B Bailey 1/8 Patchogue NY
1907-1919 Ambrose G Gillette 1/16 Bayport NY
1915-1919 Floyd G Terry 1/32 New Haven, CT
1919-1919 Louise B Terry 1/8 Sayville NY
1919-1937 Herbert L Black, South Brooksville ME
1937-1940 William F Shepard, Deer Isle, ME
1940-1961 Frank Swift, Camden, ME
1961-1969 Jim Nisbet, Camden, ME
1969-1985 Leslie E Bex, Jr., Camden, ME
1985-present Ray & Ann Williamson, Camden, ME