2006 - Musicians On Board the Grace Bailey

Without Music, life would be a mistake. -- Nietzsche

A good song is like a steady breeze on board a windjammer--it fills the sails and keeps the sailors' spirits riding high. So it comes as no surprise that that the passengers and crew of this year's Music Sail aboard the Grace Bailey were whistling a happy tune when they came ashore in Camden Harbor.

"The music was awesome," beamed Brian Harvey of Richmond, Virginia, as he towed the last of his gear down the gangplank toward dry land. "Denny and Martin were great--they were very personable, and Denny's wife, Anne, was amazing on the flute."



Grace Bailey Music Week with Denny Breau & Martin Gibson
Martin Gibson and Denny Breau put the jam in windjammer during the five-day Music Week sail. (Photo by David Munson)

Musicians Denny Breau, a self-proclaimed guitar slinger from Lewiston, and guitarist Martin Gibson of Lincolnville teamed up to deliver a broad range of tasty tunes to the passengers and crew of the Grace Bailey, serving up everything from sweet sea shanties to belly-busting rock-n-roll. The five-day musical adventure was a first for both musicians, who had plenty of great things to say about jamming on board a windjammer.

"We played every night on the deck of the ship, playing a little bit of everything," said Gibson. "The people were great. It was a fantastic experience."

For Breau's wife, Anne, who accompanied Gibson and her husband on the flute, the experience was about more than about music, it was about history.

"I'm a huge fan of turn-of-the-century Maine literature, so I have been reading about ships like this one for a long time - I just never dreamed I'd be on one," she said. "This trip was a really great experience. It was like a dream come true for me."





Old Salts return to Schooner Grace Bailey
Ralph Smith and Amy Millman enjoyed another sail on the Grace Bailey nearly 22 years ago as newlyweds. (Photo by David Munson)


The trip was recurring dream for a few of the passengers. Gloria Barnes, an artist from Brookdale, took advantage of her Old Salt status to get half-price sailing on her second trip this season, and Ralph Smith and Amy Millman enjoyed another sail on board the Grace Bailey nearly 22 years after their honeymoon voyage.

"I remember the crew being very musical back then as well," said Millman. "As special as the sail itself was, the music added a little something more. Music brings people together. It helped us to find common ground with one another."






Schooner Grace Bailey's Yawl boat
Easing up dockside... (Photo by David Munson)

But as popular as the music was on board the Grace Bailey, great tunes weren't the only things bringing people together.

"We had a great time with the music, but the food - the food was amazing," said Gibson. "I have never seen such a diverse group so happily satisfied by the same food in my life."

August 2006 MWC Enewsletter, text by David Munson.