2007 - July - GB Wins Coaster Class in Race

Schooner Grace Bailey out in front, Great Schooner Race
Grace Bailey, with Capt. Ray Williamson at the helm, leads the front pack at a marker, and Mercantile, under Capt. J.R. Braugh is only two boats behind. In order from right, the schooners are Grace Bailey, Timberwind, Mercantile, and Stephen Taber. (Photo by Jeff Lane, passenger on Mistress)

Capt. Ray Williamson earned another overall win in the annual Great Schooner Race on July 3. Sponsored by the Maine Windjammer Association, the race includes member boats and guests. All sail together, but wins are determined by class of boat and winner overall. The Grace Bailey led the Coaster Class and crossed the finish line before the other 14 boats.

Grace Bailey, flagship of Maine Windjammer Cruises, and our Mercantile and Mistress are all association members.

Crewing the Grace Bailey
By Max Hailey (passenger)

Ready at the throat
Ready at the peak


Schooner Grace Bailey in the lead
(Image courtesy of Deb Coley and Dennis Purdue)

Man the bilge pump
As this boat will leak
Straighten the chain
It takes a strong back
Blood flows from the brain
The wind calm and strong
In the Great Schooner Race
The Grace Bailey won
And the others lost face
Celebration with food
Celebration with drink
Boat made of wood
She will not sink
Tatyana and Dana
Travis and Gus
Along with Cap'n Ray
Took great care of us




Schooner Grace Bailey the Winner!
Looking back. (Photo courtesy of Deb Coley and Dennis Purdue, passengers on Grace Bailey)


July 2007 MWC Enewsletter.