About MWC

Maine Windjammer Cruises® is the registered trademark for the first and oldest fleet of historic vessels offering sailing vacations in America. Established in 1936, it has been the cornerstone of the industry for nearly nine decades. Our authentic turn-of-the-century coastal cargo schooner Mercantile has been lovingly restored and recognized as a National Historic Landmark.

Our company's innovation of taking passengers aboard working schooners is responsible for the preservation of many vessels. It also has given tens of thousands the opportunity to enjoy the romance of sailing on a tall ship.

As a small family-run business, we are committed to giving our passengers not only the finest, but also the most genuine traditional sailing experience available today. Enjoy the serenity and camaraderie of a simpler time aboard our century-old sailing ships. The power of nature as she moves us across the water is an uplifting, almost spiritual experience.

Each year hundreds of people across the country leave their office, close their shops, or put up their tools to come on a windjammer cruise. Passengers work hard at their jobs all year. For most, this is their one-week of precious vacation time and they choose to spend it with us. We promise to make your Maine windjammer cruise a pleasant, comfortable, and fulfilling experience.


Capt. Ray & Ann Williamson
Owners of Maine Windjammer Cruises® since 1986
Mercantile and Swift
Camden, Maine USA