Your hosts Capt. Ray & Ann Williamson are committed to giving their passengers not only the finest, but also the most genuine traditional sailing experience available today. We invite you to get to know us!

Message From Captain Ray

Our 87th season is now underway, and we look forward to continuing to provide you a legendary sailing experience.  Spectacular scenery and locally-sourced culinary treats add to the thrill and en

Our Mission

Mission of Maine Windjammer Cruises.  

About MWC

Maine Windjammer Cruises® is the registered trademark for the first and oldest fleet of historic vessels offering sailing vacations in America. Established in 1936.

Your Hosts

Many people refer to sailing aboard the windjammers as 'Living the Dream'. This certainly describes our memories. We invite you to share this dream aboard our vessels. Capt. Ray & Ann

Captains & Crew

Meet our crew - friendly, polite and hard-working!


The history of Maine's windjammers is beautifully told in Captain Ray's book, Keeping the Tradition Alive.  That story is still being written as we embark upon our 87th year with the launching of