The Schooners

Our Maine Windjammer Fleet - Grace Bailey, Mercantile, Mistress & Summertime 

Welcome aboard the National Landmark schooners Grace Bailey and Mercantile . After serving prominent careers in the coastal cargo trade, these turn of the century tall ships became part of "Windjammer Cruises", founded in 1936. Our company's innovation of taking passengers on sailing vacations aboard working schooners is responsible for the preservation of many vessels.


Our schooners offer an opportunity to cruise among the spruce-clad islands of Maine in a convenient, exciting, and historic way. They sail with no inboard power, as they did a hundred years ago, with wind and canvas still providing this unique way to travel in the 21st century.


The schooner Mistress is a smaller, more modern version of her sister ships. Traditionally rigged, but with inboard power, she accommodates only six guests for a more intimate experience.

The design of the Pinky Schooner Summertime originated in Europe in the 1600's and received its name from the "pinked" stern. Due to it's great sea worthyness it was used  New England's fishing fleet prior to the Revolutionary War and continued in use through the turn of the 20th centuryLaunched in 1986, the Summertime was built by George Allen, Bill Brown, and many interested volunteers on the Maine coast using traditional methods. 

HARBOR CRUISES:  Sally, is a 27' traditional Maine-style open lobster boat built in 1941 by Hodgdon Brothers of Boothbay, Maine.  She will be offering Harbor Cruises in Camden during the summer months.  

Please look at each of our vessels and their schedules to find the trip that's right for you.